Exceptional Personality from MIT USA is in MANIT. Discoverer of first slowly rotating neutron star, ranked as best professor in MIT by Princeton Review, Recipient of Exceptional Scientific Achievement award by NASA. He is undoubtedly worth watching, listening and meeting. LISTEN THIS PRODIGY AT SCEECS 2014 IN MANIT.


One of the India’s finest and most acclaimed columnist and author is going to enlighten students in MANIT at SCEECS 2014, whose has written more than 500 papers and articles in The Economic Times and The Times of India. Moreover he is a former Chairman and Professor of India’s most premier institute IIM Ahmedabad and one of the most successful president of ING Vysya Bank. And above all, he is fountain head and CEO for GMR Group Foundation. First time ever Viswanathan Raghunathan on stage for all of us.


He is show man for all electrical, electronics and computer engineers in South India. Texas Instrument is not at all new to anybody, and he is none other than a TECHNICAL DIRECTOR UNITI of Texas Instruments India. A visiting dignitary in University of Southern California for his inordinate knack in VLSI and low power electronics. Author of world-wide acclaimed technical books. EE, ECE & CSE people don't miss this chance...


Another gem for our Guest Lecture Series: Mr. Pradeepto Bhattacharya He has spent almost 8 years now working with various FOSS technologies as part of his day job and also as his hobby. He is currently one of five Board of Directors of KDE e.V., the KDE Project's ( international non-profit organisation based in Germany